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Super73 Alternatives: ZUGO RHINO VS YADEA TROOPER 01

19 Jan 2024


For those seeking an alternative to premium brands like Super73, the Zugo Rhino and Yadea Trooper 01 emerge as top contenders. To present the main technical differences between the Zugo Rhino and Yadea Trooper 01 models more clearly, I've compiled their key metrics into the chart below. This visual breakdown covers factors such as motor wattage, battery capacity, maximum speed, range estimates, weight and payload limits.

Super73 Alternatives



With over 100 additional Wh of power, the Zugo Rhino's 21Ah battery stands above the Trooper 01's 20Ah unit. This long range is ideal for daily commuters who want the freedom of longer recreational trips at the weekend without range anxiety. The Trooper 01's 960Wh battery while sufficient for urban commutes, risks leaving the rider stranded on longer excursions beyond its 56 mile rated maximum.


The Rhino's 7 levels of pedal assist give riders granular control over their ride. Whether cruising flats or climbing hills, finding the right assist level is easy. However, with only 3 preset levels, Trooper 01 riders have less flexibility to fine-tune effort based on changing conditions like cargo loads or wind. This fixed assist can force exertion above preference levels during inclines.


The Zugo Rhino Step-Through expands the eligible customer base beyond strict gender norms. From errands to exercise, its easy on-off design enhances convenience for all body types. If you're trying to help older parents and friends choose a ebike, I've found the step-through most appropriate for their needs than the Trooper 01.

7 Speed Gears with Shimano Altus 7 Speed Shifting System

Versatility: The 7-speed gearing system offers a wider range of gear options, allowing you to easily adapt to various terrains and riding conditions. Whether you need to tackle steep inclines or ride smoothly on flat roads, the additional gears provide flexibility for a comfortable and efficient ride.

Improved Efficiency: With more gear options, you can fine-tune your pedaling cadence to match your desired speed and effort level. This helps optimize your pedaling efficiency and reduces fatigue, especially during long rides or challenging uphill sections.

Enhanced Performance: The availability of more gears enables you to maintain an optimal pedaling rhythm, ensuring smooth gear transitions and consistent power delivery. This can result in improved overall performance, whether you're accelerating quickly, maintaining a steady pace, or cruising at higher speeds.

Precise Gear Selection: The Shimano 7-speed shift system offers precise gear shifting, allowing you to quickly and accurately find the right gear for any given situation. This precision contributes to a seamless and enjoyable riding experience with minimal disruption to your momentum.


When assessing an electric bicycle's display, size matters. The Large Zugo Rhino's spacious display shone through with a clear advantage. Owing to its larger stature, people could comfortably view important readings like battery level, speed and pedal assist mode selection while seated upright on the bike. This allowed safe operation without hunching over or craning my neck for minor checks. For relaxed yet informed riding, the Zugo Rhino's large display reinforced confidence through clear viewability without strain or awkward posturing.


Beyond specs, Zugo Rhino's customer experience is important. Below are some zugo comments from customers.

  1. Most customers consider the Rhino one of the best Super73 alternatives capable of 28mph.
  2. The 21Ah optinoal battery provides an excellent 80-mile maximum range.
  3. The 4” fat tires enable capable off-roading on various terrains.
  4. Riders enjoy 7-levels of pedal assist and throttle-only control.
  5. The suspension fork absorbs bumps to enhance comfort.
  6. The adjustable handlebar accommodates varying rider heights.
  7. Powerful hydraulic brakes allow for safe stopping.
  8. The removable battery facilitates off-bike charging and security.
  9. The clear, large, easy-to-read display is a benefit.
  10. The step-through model offers convenient mounting and dismounting.
  11. Passengers can be carried on the long, padded seat.
  12. The responsive throttle engages smoothly with minimal pedaling.
  13. Customers found the Rhino straightforward to assemble.
  14. The 1200 lumen headlight is a bonus.


After comparing the key specifications and features of the two electric bikes, the Zugo Rhino clearly stands out in overall performance. Its long-lasting battery, more user-friendly pedal assist settings and versatile gearing options provide a more welcoming riding experience.

In general, discerning buyers should consider each model’s suitability based on personal preferences and intended use. While technical details provide guidance, subjective factors like fit and feelings also influence purchasing satisfaction. For users prioritizing well-rounded performance, build quality and long-term durability, the Zugo Rhino stands out as the top Super73 alternative in this comparison.

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