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Competitor Comparison: Zugo Rhino VS Ariel Rider X-Class

14 Oct 2023

Are you still looking for electric bikes similar to super73? Look no further. Our ZUGO RHINO is the most cost-effective and worth buying. Our Our goal is to make sure you have all the information for you to make the best decision.

ZUGO RHINO is an exceptional e-bike designed for thrilling adventure rides. With its remarkable power and versatility, this electric bike stands out from the competition. Equipped with a robust 1.0 KW battery, the ZUGO RHINO offers an unparalleled range of up to 80 miles, setting a new standard for affordability in the electric bike market.

So, what makes our ZUGO RHINO different from our competitors? In this blog, we’ll explore why the ZUGO RHINO has excellent performance, feature-rich components and technology, and an affordable budget to top Ariel Rider’s X-Class e-bike.


We will compare these two ebikes from various aspects such as motor, battery, speed, mileage, top speed, etc. to help you better choose a motorcycle-style electric bicycle. Both have stylish designs and excellent configurations, while the zugo rhino is more affordable.

zugo rhino vs ariel rider x-class


The only similarities are found in the gears, hydraulic brakes and fenders, and they both have pedal assist and fat tires. Also, both the frame are Aluminum Alloy 6061. Where does ZUGO RHINO outshine Ariel Rider X-Class? Let’s take a look.

Long range 21 AH battery provides riders with an extended and reliable riding experience.

Thumb throttle provides precise control over the acceleration of the e-bike. Riders can easily modulate the throttle input and make gradual adjustments to the speed.

Payload capacity over 300lbs, It not only accommodates a wider range of riders, including those with larger body frames, but also allows riders to carry heavier loads, making it ideal for commuting, grocery shopping, or even light cargo transportation.

large and clear color display provides riders with easy-to-read information.

Integrated USB charger port allows riders to conveniently charge their accessories while on the go.

750W Zugo Rhino e-bike generally meet the legal requirements in many U.S. states, making them easier to use legally on public roads. On the other hand, 1000W Ariel Rider X-Class e-bike may require specific permits or be subject to restrictions, depending on state regulations.

Cool colorways: Purple colorways will turn heads as you ride.

Affordable price $1099 fulfilled many people's dreams.


In the fiercely competitive market, it is difficult to find an electric bike like the ZUGO RHINO that offers unbeatable pricing and superior performance.

Here's how the ZUGO RHINO showcases its superior performance, change your riding experience with exceptional features:

  1. Impressive Range with 21Ah Battery: With the option of a 21Ah battery, the Rhino offers a maximum range of 80 miles, providing riders with an extended and reliable riding experience.
  2. Customizable Assist Levels and Throttle Operation: Rhino owners can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from seven levels of assist or throttle-only operation, tailoring their riding experience to their preferences.
  3. Additionally, its large and clear color display provides riders with easy-to-read information.
  4. Easy Mounting and Dismounting with Step-Through Design: The Rhino's step-through frame design makes it effortless for riders of all sizes to mount and dismount the bike, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  5. Quick and Responsive Throttle Sensor: The Rhino's throttle sensor reacts promptly, engaging at approximately ⅛th of a pedal rotation, providing riders with immediate power assistance.
  6. Easy Setup and User-Friendly Features: Many Rhino buyers found the bike easy to set up, thanks to its user-friendly design and straightforward instructions.
  7. FREE fast shippingon all zugo rhino orders.


    As you examine the specifications, you'll notice several distinctions between these two e-bikes, which will likely lead you to choose one over the other. Budget considerations often play a significant role in decision-making. If you're seeking an e-bike that offers legal compliance, an extended range, a thumb throttle, and affordability, look no further than the ZUGO RHINO. Designed with your needs in mind, it is the perfect electric moped catered specifically to you.

    At $1,099, you can’t go wrong with the Zugo Rhino!



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