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14 Nov 2023

We’re back again with another comparison article for you! Here we will compare two popular moped-style ebikes, zugo rhino vs ride1up revv 1 fs. In fact, they’re both SUPER73 imitation. But they are more cost-effective and the riding experience is very amazing.

By comparing them side by side, we'll evaluate how they stack up against each other, helping you determine which ebike offers the best value for your money.


 Zugo Bike vs Ride1Up REVV 1 FS

At first glance, one will immediately notice that there are several factors that give the ZUGO RHINO better than the REVV1 FS: why zugo is lighter than Ride1up REVV 1 FS? Because Ride1up REVV 1 FS use Integrated wheels, it’s very heavy and costly to repair. However, The lighter weight of the Zugo Bike improves energy efficiency, enabling longer rides on a single charge and extending your adventures. The extra gears, not to mention more colors and step-thru option, show the advancement of design.

The price of zugo rhino is only half of ride1up revv 1 fs. Although revv 1 fs boasts faster speeds, don't be fooled by whether this is a good thing in this case. We’ll get to that soon! The price-conscious will also note that the revv 1 fs costs an additional $1296; we'll get to that momentarily as well.


The only similarities are found in the weight, hydraulic brakes, all-terrain tire and fenders, and they both have 5 levels pedal assist. Also, both the frame are Aluminum Alloy 6061. Where does ZUGO RHINO outshine Ride1Up REVV 1 FS? Let’s take a look.

Long range 21 AH battery provides riders with an extended and reliable riding experience.

Thumb throttle provides precise control over the acceleration of the e-bike. Riders can easily modulate the throttle input and make gradual adjustments to the speed.

7 Speed Gears with Shimano Altus 7 Speed Shifting System

Versatility: The 7-speed gearing system offers a wider range of gear options, allowing you to easily adapt to various terrains and riding conditions. Whether you need to tackle steep inclines or ride smoothly on flat roads, the additional gears provide flexibility for a comfortable and efficient ride.

Improved Efficiency: With more gear options, you can fine-tune your pedaling cadence to match your desired speed and effort level. This helps optimize your pedaling efficiency and reduces fatigue, especially during long rides or challenging uphill sections.

Enhanced Performance: The availability of more gears enables you to maintain an optimal pedaling rhythm, ensuring smooth gear transitions and consistent power delivery. This can result in improved overall performance, whether you're accelerating quickly, maintaining a steady pace, or cruising at higher speeds.

Precise Gear Selection: The Shimano 7-speed shift system offers precise gear shifting, allowing you to quickly and accurately find the right gear for any given situation. This precision contributes to a seamless and enjoyable riding experience with minimal disruption to your momentum.

Cool colorways: Purple colorways will turn heads as you ride.

Affordable price $1099 fulfilled many people's dreams.


In a market filled with fierce competition, discovering an electric moped like the ZUGO RHINO that combines unbeatable pricing with exceptional performance can be a challenging task.

Experience a transformative ride with the ZUGO RHINO as it unveils its exceptional features, elevating your riding experience to new heights with unparalleled performance:

  1. Impressive Range with 21Ah Battery: With the option of a 21Ah battery, the Rhino offers a maximum range of 80 miles, providing riders with an extended and reliable riding experience.
  2. Customizable Assist Levels and Throttle Operation: Rhino owners can enjoy the flexibility of choosing from seven levels of assist or throttle-only operation, tailoring their riding experience to their preferences.
  3. Easy Mounting and Dismounting with Step-Through Design: The Rhino's step-through frame design makes it effortless for riders of all sizes to mount and dismount the bike, ensuring accessibility and convenience.
  4. Quick and Responsive Throttle Sensor: The Rhino's throttle sensor reacts promptly, engaging at approximately ⅛th of a pedal rotation, providing riders with immediate power assistance.
  5. Easy Setup and User-Friendly Features: Many Rhino buyers found the bike easy to set up, thanks to its user-friendly design and straightforward instructions.
  6. FREE fast shippingon all zugo rhino orders.


If you have enough budget and are looking for wild speed, then Ride1up REVV1 FS is a good choice. But without a doubt, zugo rhino is an extremely cost-effective moped. It boasts numerous advantages, including a high-capacity 21AH battery, pedal assist unlocking capability, thumb throttle speed control and a wider range of gear options. These features not only extend the range but also contribute to a more intuitive and immersive riding experience.

The Zugo Rhino is an overall better bike with extra step-through frame option and 3 colors to customize your experience, along with Shimano Altus 7 Speed shift system. Of all the SUPER73 imitations out there, zugo rhino is worth to get if you can’t afford a real SUPER73.

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