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27 Nov 2023

As electric mopeds gain popularity for both recreation and transportation, riders are faced with an expanding selection of high-powered e-bike options. Two capable contenders in this growing market are the Zugo Rhino and Vtuvia Tiger. Offering fat tire traction and motorized muscle, these electric moto-bikes aim to deliver exhilarating open-road and off-road adventures. But which model is the better buy? Let's evaluate how they stack up.



At initial glance, the Rhino and Tiger appear evenly matched. They both have a potent 750W rear geared hub motor and a top assisted speed of 28 mph. Both implement pedal assist up to 5 levels to smoothly vary power output.  But The Zugo Rhino's thumb throttle interface presents an advantage over the Vtuvia Tiger's half twist grip style. The thumb throttle allows intuitive gas-like acceleration with one-touch control directly from the right handlebar, keeping both hands firmly on the bars. This superior ergonomic design empowers maximum throttle accuracy while maintaining fully stable handling. The Tiger's integrated half twist throttle requires partially removing a hand to engage power assistance, potentially compromising steering control for safety-critical moments. The Rhino's isolated thumb trigger provides a simpler, more responsive solution that enhances control - a definite edge for thrills and confidence.

However, deeper analysis highlights some important differences between these electric bikes. Beginning with battery technology, the Rhino sports a larger 21Ah unit providing a longer quoted 80 mile range compared to the Tiger's 15Ah pack and 55 miles. The Rhino's 1008Wh capacity should deliver dependable distance.

Another variance is gearing. The Rhino treats riders to 7 optimized speeds for adapting their cadence across a wide velocity spectrum. In contrast, the Tiger's single speed leaves power levels somewhat fixed. Suspension also varies, with the Tiger touting rear and front air shocks versus just front on the Rhino.

Additional variances include weight, payload ability, optional frames, and of course, price. These diverse specs demand rigorous evaluation to determine the better overall electric motorcycle package.


The Zugo Rhino has many attributes that make it a very appealing electric bicycle. Its long range capacity and powerful yet efficient drive system provide riders with a thrilling experience.

One of the top reasons to love the Rhino is its industry-leading battery range. The 21Ah lithium-ion pack is simply immense, estimated to reach up to 80 miles on a single charge. This expanded distance allows unrestrained exploration rather than range anxiety. Whether running daily errands or weekend rides, the mighty battery ensures there's adequate power.

Another benefit is the Zugo Rhino's 7-speed gearing system with Shimano shifters provides a versatile and efficient riding experience through precise shifting and a wide range of gearing options to suit any terrain or conditions.

Weighing a mere 65 pounds, the Rhino handles with agility yet also supports up to 325 pounds of passengers. Its lightweight aluminum frame provides responsive steering without bulk. The generous carrying capacity enables hauling gear for road trips or family fun with friends. Few other electric dirt bikes match this versatile practicality.

Finishing touches like the optional step-through design increase the Rhino's accessibility especially for women riders. The low step-over frame makes mounting and dismounting effortless while wearing skirts or dresses. No leg strength or flexibility is needed to swing a leg over a high top tube. Easy on-and-off accessibility makes the Rhino suitable for riders with mobility concerns as well as those prioritizing comfort and freedom of movement like many female cyclists. The ergonomic step-through positioning allows a natural riding stance without constriction from restrictive clothing. Features like this show Zugo designed the Rhino with all genders in mind to feel confident and in control on every ride.

Lastly, the Rhino's unbeatable $1099 makes it a smart purchase. For merely hundreds more than some basic models, riders obtain industry innovations like expansive range and shifting typically costing thousands extra on comparable bikes. Performance and cost-savings perks unite in the feature-packed yet affordable Zugo Rhino.


In this heavyweight showdown between capable electric motorcycles, it's clear the Zugo Rhino triumphs on multiple fronts. With over 80 miles of lithium range from its ample 21Ah battery, precise 7-speed control interface, lightweight yet sturdy construction, ample 325 pound cargo capacity, and amazingly affordable $1099 price—the Rhino leaves competitors eating dust. 

While the Tiger poses worthy specs, it cannot match the Rhino's combination of power, versatility and tremendous savings. For performance riders on a budget or those seeking an e-bike that does it all at great value, the all-around champion is unmistakably the Zugo Rhino moped-style electric bike. Its well-rounded feature-packed package makes it a brilliant choice.



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