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How to Extend The Range of Your Ebike Battery?

How to Extend The Range of Your Ebike Battery?

GM Dai |

Want to extend the range of your battery on a ride? Here are a few tips for getting more out of your electric bike.

1.Charging Temperature
It’s best to charge your battery in a temperature-controlled environment, preferably indoors, between 32 °F – 104 °F (0 °C – 40 °C). If charging indoors, it may mean removing the battery from your ebike. And riding in cold conditions will place more strain on a battery and reduce range as a result

2.Charging time
Never let the battery get down to 0%. The minimum electricity reminds you to charge for the E-bike. If you consumed all of the electricity and then charge the battery, it will cause the battery’s damage. Don’t forget to charge before all of the electricity was consumed.It’s best to keep the battery at about 75% as possible as you can.

3.Don't overcharge
Don’t overcharge your e-bike battery. Turn off the electric source in time after fully charged. However, under the circumstance of the full charging, unplug the line and turn off the electric button in time will protect the battery’s lifespan efficiently. If you leave your electric line there, it will consume the quantity of the electricity. Therefore, the duration of a single charge should not exceed 12 hours. By doing these, you can protect the battery’s lifespan efficiently.

4.Keep the Battery Dry
This may be a no-brainer, but keeping batteries dry will help keep the battery contacts in good health and to prevent corrosion. Keep humidity into consideration as well, not just splashes of water.
Check out our line of eBikes with their streamline design where the battery is placed inside the downtube to keep the contacts as dry as possible!

It'a also a good idea to add a secondary battery on your ebike to extend your rides!

Do you have any other special tips or tricks?