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4 Key Factors about Electric Bikes

4 Key Factors about Electric Bikes

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When you're choosing an electric bike, it's easy to get confused. We give you a comprehensive guide to the key factors to consider when choosing an electric bike.


hub motor
The motor is an important source of power for the electric bike. An e-bike motor provides you with electric assistance to reduce the amount of pedaling power needed to power your bicycle's forward momentum. This enables you to climb hills more easily, reach higher speeds with less physical exertion, and endure longer rides than if you were riding a traditional bike


Hailong Battery

The battery is one of the most important components of any e-bike, as well as the most expensive. If the brain of an electric bike is the controller, the heart is the battery. The battery is the deciding factor in how long the bike can be used without recharging, how long it will work, how much it weighs etc. In general, when you choose an electric bike, the battery is the component that you must pay the most attention to.
Not only does it store a lot of energy, but it also powers all your e-bike rides. The most common type of battery used in e-bikes is the lithium-ion battery. Lithium-ion batteries are considered the safest, but UL certification is a sign that you're buying from a reliable brand that prioritizes safety.


E-Bike Pedal Sensors
An electric bike with Pedal Assist Sensors automatically turns on the motor when you pedal. With pedal assist, you do not need to use a throttle to control the motor. There are two basic types of Pedal Sensors: cadence and torque.

  • Cadence Sensors
The basic cadence sensor uses a magnet on the crank, it turns the motor ON when you startpedaling and turns it OFF when you stop pedaling. The advantage of thissensor is that it's an inexpensive way to get some sort of pedal assist onto the bike, but thedisadvantage is that the pedal assistance can feel jerky, laggy. and counterintuitive.Also if youwant to pedal faster than the motor is spinning, the motor will actively work against your
  • Torque Sensors
    torque sensor
A torque sensor measures how hard the rider is pedaling to determine how much electric power to puszh to the bike.The harder you pedal, the more power it gives tothe motor. If you pedal lighter, less power goes to the motor. It makes this adjustment in real-time, so it is technically amplifying your every input and makes the rider feel BIONIC! EUNORAU D6 is use this torque sensor!


We know that one size doesn't fit all. If frames vary in size and style, it's important to find a bike that fits your physical abilities. Whether you want a stepped frame because it's less difficult to jump on, or a traditional frame because you just like the way it looks. If there aren't many options, just approach the choice knowing that your safety, stability and comfort are key factors; if the bike doesn't fit, then it doesn't fit.