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EUNORAU Has Built a One-Stop Service Website for E-Bike Owners

EUNORAU Has Built a One-Stop Service Website for E-Bike Owners

GM Dai |

EUNORAU has officially released the website ebikerepairfactory.com (BKRE), a one-stop website for electric bicycle parts where users can repair, replace, and upgrade their e-bikes.

Electric bicycles have become a very popular transportation method. With the demand continuing going up, more and more companies have begun to sell electric bicycles. However, not all the e-bikes on the markets meet the standards in terms of communication protocols and waterproof connectors. Each brand sells products with different features. The maintenance becomes difficult when a brand stops the sale of electric bicycles. EUNORAU identified this problem when visiting hundreds of electric bicycle shops who want help customers solve the problem.

Since most of the electric bicycles are produced by companies from China, EUNORAU aims to cover most of the brands in North America including RADPOWERBIKES, HIMIWAY, AVENTON, BOSCH, SHIMANO, QuietKat, BAKCOU, EVELO, RIDE1UP,LECTRIC, JUICED BIKE, and eliminate unserviceable e-bikes on the market. The BKRE website will provide consumers with online accessory selling.

EUNORAU intends to meet more people, grow its consumer base, and expand their product library. In the future, BKRE plans to become a electric bicycle accessory supplier like HLC/QBP/JBI to help dealers and consumers. For more information about electric bicycle accessories, contact us at op02@ebikerepairfactory.com.