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EUNORAU FAT-AWD VS Cyrusher Scout Pro

31 Mar 2024


When evaluating electric bikes like the EUNORAU FAT-AWD and the Cyrusher Scout Pro, it’s essential to weigh factors such as performance, battery capacity, motor specifications, and overall cost-effectiveness. Now, let’s delve into a detailed comparison by examining the specifications of these two e-bikes:


EUNORAU FAT-AWD as an Entry-Level Dual Motor E-Bike and Its Value for Money

The EUNORAU FAT-AWD stands out as an entry-level dual motor e-bike that offers a balanced blend of performance and affordability. With a 250W+350W geared hub motor setup, it provides ample power for daily commutes and leisure rides. At

999,itissignificantlymoreaffordablethantheCyrusherScoutPro,whichispricedat3999, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a dual motor e-bike experience without the high-end price tag.

Advantages of Thumb Throttle Over Half Twist Throttle

The thumb throttle on the EUNORAU FAT-AWD may be more intuitive for beginners and provides a safer grip on the handlebars compared to the half twist throttle of the Cyrusher Scout Pro. This feature is particularly beneficial for riders who prioritize stability and control over their e-bike, especially when navigating through urban environments.

EUNORAU FAT-AWD Payload Capacity

With a payload capacity of 375lbs, the FAT-AWD can handle heavier loads compared to the Scout Pro's 330lbs. This makes the FAT-AWD a more versatile option for riders who may need to carry additional cargo or a passenger, adding to its practicality and value proposition.

BKRE Offer Full FAT-AWD's Replacement Parts

One of the key advantages of the EUNORAU FAT-AWD is the availability of full replacement parts offered by BKRE. This ensures long-term maintainability and the reassurance that the bike can stay in service for many years, reducing the total cost of ownership over time.


EUNORAU has a decade-long history in the e-bike industry, which speaks to its experience and commitment to quality. This track record is a testament to the reliability and service that customers can expect when purchasing the FAT-AWD.


Affordability: The EUNORAU FAT-AWD is priced at a fraction of the Cyrusher Scout Pro, making it an accessible option for a wider range of customers.

Dual Motor System: The unique dual motor system allows for better traction and power distribution, offering a comfortable riding experience.

Higher Payload Capacity: The higher payload capacity extends the utility of the FAT-AWD, making it suitable for various uses, from daily commuting to adventure rides.

Availability of Replacement Parts: The support of BKRE for full replacement parts enhances the longevity of the bike.

Established Brand: EUNORAU's long-standing history assures customers of the quality and durability of their purchase.


The choice between the EUNORAU FAT-AWD and the Cyrusher Scout Pro ultimately depends on the buyer’s needs and budget. For those looking for a budget-friendly, reliable, and versatile entry into the fat tire dual motor e-bike market, the EUNORAU FAT-AWD is a compelling option. It offers a great mix of features at a price point that is hard to beat, making it an excellent value proposition for a wide range of riders.

Experience the perfect blend of performance and affordability with the EUNORAU FAT-AWD. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to own a versatile and reliable dual motor e-bike. Visit our website now and take the first step towards your next adventure!

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