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21 Mar 2024


In the burgeoning market of electric bikes, consumers are faced with a myriad of choices, each with its own set of features and price points. Today, we're looking at the EUNORAU FAT-AWD and the PEDAL All Wheel Drive [S], two competent players in the dual motor ebikes, but serving distinctly different user needs and budgets.


EUNORAU FAT-AWD: The Entry-Level Dual Motor E-Bike with Exceptional Value

The EUNORAU FAT-AWD strikes a balance between performance and affordability. As an entry-level dual motor e-bike, it offers the thrill of all-wheel drive without the steep price tag of high-end alternatives. Its configuration boasts a 250W front and 350W rear motor complemented by a 48V15.6AH battery, delivering reliable power and range for the everyday rider. This makes it an accessible option for those entering the realm of dual motor e-bikes, without compromising on the experience.


EUNORAU FAT-AWD's Legally Compliant Motor Power

With a top speed of 20 mph, the FAT-AWD sits comfortably within the legal limits for street-legal e-bikes in many jurisdictions, which often cap electric assistance at 20 mph. This compliance not only ensures a broader accessibility for riders but also minimizes the potential need for special licensing, insurance, or registration – a significant advantage for those seeking a hassle-free e-bike experience.


Thumb Throttle IS BETTER THAN Half Twist Throttle

The thumb throttle on the FAT-AWD is often preferred by riders for its intuitive control and ease of use, especially when maneuvering through urban environments. It allows riders to maintain a firmer grip on the handlebars, which translates to better control and safety compared to the half twist throttle that requires a partial grip rotation and can lead to accidental acceleration.


EUNORAU FAT-AWD Payload Capacity

With a payload capacity of 375 lbs, the FAT-AWD is built to accommodate a wider range of riders and cargo. This high capacity is a testament to its robust construction and suitability for those who intend to use their e-bike for heavy-duty commuting or carrying loads, giving it an edge over the PEDAL All Wheel Drive [S], which has a slightly lower payload capacity.


BKRE Offers Full FAT-AWDS Replacement Parts

The availability of full replacement parts from BKRE is a critical factor in the long-term usability and maintenance of any e-bike. The assurance that you can easily source parts and service your FAT-AWD means the bike’s longevity is significantly enhanced, making it a smart long-term investment.


EUNORAU's 10-Year History

EUNORAU has built a decade-long reputation for creating quality electric bikes. This experience is reflected in the design and durability of the FAT-AWD, which is backed by years of industry knowledge and customer feedback, ensuring that the bikes are well-made.


The EUNORAU FAT-AWD stands out for its affordability, accessibility, and practical features. It is an ideal choice for those new to electric bikes or anyone seeking a reliable, cost-effective solution for their commuting or recreational needs. With its legal compliance, higher payload capacity, and the support of a seasoned company, the FAT-AWD is a smart purchase that promises enjoyment and dependability.



When it comes to choosing between the EUNORAU FAT-AWD and the PEDAL All Wheel Drive [S], it boils down to your specific needs and budget. If you seek an all-wheel drive experience with a friendly price tag, without sacrificing quality and performance, the EUNORAU FAT-AWD is an unbeatable choice. It provides a balanced blend of features that cater to both the casual rider and the heavy-duty user.


Are you ready to experience the power-packed yet affordable ride of the EUNORAU FAT-AWD? Visit our website now and take the first step towards your next adventure. It's not just an e-bike; it's a reliable companion for your daily journeys and a testament to smart investment in electric mobility.


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